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GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD, is committed to deliver exceptional results and forge long-lasting partnerships with our valued clients.

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GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD is a renowned manpower consultant in Bangladesh. We specialize in providing effective solutions for overseas employment opportunities. Our Group has been operating since 2005, gaining significant experience and expertise in this industry. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy agency.
GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD, have Government Approved Recruiting Agency License. This recognition emphasizes our compliance with industry regulations and quality standards. Our strong reputation results from our commitment to delivering excellent services and successful outcomes for candidates and clients.

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GREENICON Group: A Leading Overseas Job Recruitment group in Bangladesh and GREENICON Overseas Ltd is a leading overseas recruitment agency and recruitment consultant in Bangladesh. GREENICON Group have been in operation since 2005, and we have a long history of placing Bangladeshi workers in jobs abroad.

Service Delivery

GREENICON Group specializes in his own fields. Skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers. We have a particular expertise in IT professionals. GREENICON Group have a team of qualified and knowledgeable consultants who can help you find the right job for your skills and experience.


GREENICON Overseas Ltd is a registered and Govt approved recruiting company, and we have a good reputation for providing quality service. We are committed to providing exceptional customer satisfaction, and we will stand by your side every step of the way until you reach your desired destination.

Here are some additional details about GREENICON Overseas Ltd

If you are looking for a job abroad, GREENICON Overseas Ltd is a good option to consider. We have a wide range of job opportunities available, and we offer a comprehensive service that will help you find the right job for you.

Our Team

Robert Hagis

Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Clara

Chief FInance Officer

Borris Hasian

Lead of Departments

Jorge Heyerdahl

Project Manager

Lim Stefanie

Head of Department Manager

Juninho Paulo

Data Engineer

Samantha Kiyla

Junior Designer

Mikayla Thompson


Our Main Goal

✤ Facilitating overseas employment opportunities:
At GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD, we aim to enable Bangladeshi individuals to explore and secure employment abroad. We strive to bridge the gap between talented individuals in Bangladesh and job prospects in international markets.

✤ We Focus on East, West & Middle East countries of Asia, Europe, Australia, and also American Countries:
We place a particular emphasis on facilitating employment opportunities in Middle East countries, Europe, and Eastern Asia. These regions offer various job opportunities in various industries, making them desirable destinations for Bangladeshi workers seeking employment abroad.

✤ Connecting Skilled, Semi skilled, and non-skilled people:
We cater to skilled, Semi skilled, and non-skilled individuals from Bangladesh, recognizing that talent exists across diverse fields and industries. We aim to connect individuals with different skill sets and suitable international market job prospects. By matching candidates’ skills and qualifications with the demands of employers abroad, we create mutually beneficial partnerships that fulfill the employment needs of both parties.

Recruitment Process

GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD has some efficient Human Resource selectors. Our recruitment process involves a thorough and meticulous screening procedure. We carefully assess candidates’ qualifications, skills, and experience to determine their suitability for overseas employment opportunities. Through this rigorous screening, we ensure that only eligible candidates with the required capabilities are selected.


Emphasis on selecting individuals who meet client demands:
GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD We prioritize understanding and meeting our client’s demands and requirements. By closely collaborating with our clients, we gain insight into their needs, expectations, and industry-specific candidate criteria. We then focus on selecting individuals with the skills and qualifications that align with these demands, ensuring client satisfaction.

Comprehensive Training Programs

★ Equipping candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge:

At GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD, we believe in providing candidates with the essential skills and knowledge required for success in overseas employment.

Our comprehensive training programs aim to enhance candidates’ capabilities and equip them with the necessary tools to excel in their respective fields.

This training covers various areas, including industry-specific skills, language proficiency, cultural adaptation, work ethics, and professional development.

★ Ensuring preparedness for overseas opportunities:

  • We understand that transitioning to work in a foreign country can be challenging. Therefore, our training programs are designed to ensure candidates are well-prepared for opportunities abroad.
  • We guide navigating cultural differences, understanding local work environments, and adapting to new lifestyles.
  • By preparing candidates for the unique challenges, they may encounter in overseas employment; we strive to increase their chances of success and job satisfaction.

★ Supporting both experienced professionals and first-time workers:

  • Our training programs cater to the needs of candidates at different stages of their careers.
  • For experienced professionals, we offer advanced training to develop their skills further, keep them updated with industry trends, and refine their expertise.
  • For first-time workers, we provide foundational training to help them understand the basics of their chosen field and build a strong foundation for their careers abroad.
  • We recognize that each candidate has different experience and learning needs, and our training programs are tailored accordingly to support their individual growth and development.
  • Through our comprehensive training programs, we aim to empower candidates to embark on their overseas employment journeys confidently. Enhancing their skills, knowledge, and preparedness increases their employ-ability and ensures they are well-equipped to contribute effectively in their respective roles abroad.

★ Competitive Pay Scales Offering attractive packages:

At GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD, we understand the importance of providing competitive pay scales to our candidates. We offer attractive compensation packages designed to attract skilled individuals and provide them with a rewarding and competitive remuneration structure.

★ Aligning pay scales with candidates’ skills and dedication:

We ensure that the pay scales we offer align with our candidates’ skills, qualifications, and dedication. We aim to motivate and retain top talent within our candidate pool by recognizing and rewarding their expertise and commitment.

★ Attracting and retaining top-notch professionals:

Our focus on offering competitive pay scales helps us attract and retain highly skilled professionals. By providing fair and attractive compensation, we strive to create an environment that fosters job satisfaction and long-term commitment from our candidates.

Empowering Skill Development

★ Fostering skill enhancement for worldwide employment:
Skill development is a crucial aspect of our approach at GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD. We enhance skills through training programs, workshops, and continuous learning opportunities. By investing in our candidates’ skill development, we enhance their employability and equip them with the tools to succeed in international work environments.

★ Creating opportunities for personal growth and career advancement:
We believe in creating opportunities for personal growth and career advancement for our candidates. Our training and development initiatives aim to nurture their potential and provide them with avenues for professional growth and upward mobility.

★ Enabling Bangladeshi individuals to contribute their skills globally:Our goal is to enable Bangladeshi individuals to contribute their skills and expertise on a global scale. By empowering them with the necessary skills and providing access to international employment opportunities, we enable them to impact and contribute to global industries and economies positively

★ Focus on East, West & Middle East countries of Asia, Europe, Australia, and also American Countries:
GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD. We strongly focus on facilitating employment opportunities in We Focus on East, West & Middle East countries of Asia, Europe, Australia, and America Countries: These regions offer diverse job prospects and industries, presenting attractive options for Bangladeshi individuals seeking overseas employment.

★ The extensive network of clients in these regions:
Over the years, we have built an extensive network of clients in the East, West & Middle East countries of Asia, Europe, Australia, and American Countries: Our established relationships with these clients allow us to offer our candidates a wide range of job prospects.

★ Providing diverse job prospects across various sectors:
Our network of clients and partners enables us to provide diverse job prospects across various sectors and industries. Whether in the medical, engineering, hospitality, transportation, skilled trades, construction, low-skilled labor, factory work, services sector, or sales/retail marketing, we strive to match candidates with suitable job opportunities across various sectors.

Some Point :

  • We warmly invite skilled, semi skilled and non-skilled individuals from Bangladesh to join GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD.
  • Whether you possess specialized skills or seek entry-level opportunities, we are dedicated to assisting you in your overseas employment journey.
  • At GREENICON GROUP, we aim to unlock a world of opportunities for Bangladeshi talents.
  • By connecting you with job prospects in Middle East countries, Europe, and Malaysia, we open doors to international employment and enable you to showcase your skills on a global platform.
  • We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our services.
  • Our focus on meticulous screening, comprehensive training, competitive pay scales, and skill development reflects our dedication to ensuring your success in overseas employment.
  • We strive to foster successful partnerships with candidates and clients, creating mutually beneficial relationships built on trust, professionalism, and shared goals.