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Are you a skilled, semiskilled and experienced light duty driver looking for new job opportunities? Look no further than GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD. We specialize in connecting talented drivers like you with reputable employers both within Bangladesh and abroad.

✤✤✤Responsibilities of a Light Duty Driver:

● Safely operate light-duty vehicles to transport passengers, goods, or materials.
● Follow traffic laws and regulations to ensure a safe and efficient journey.
● Maintain the cleanliness and condition of the vehicle.
● Provide excellent customer service and ensure passenger comfort and safety.
● Assist with loading and unloading of goods, if applicable.

✤✤✤ Requirements for Light Duty Drivers:

● Valid light vehicle driver’s license.
● Proven experience as a light duty driver.
● Good knowledge of local traffic laws and regulations.
● Excellent driving skills and a clean driving record.
● Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
● Ability to work independently and handle different driving tasks.

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