IT Engineer

GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD is a leading provider of talented IT engineers from Bangladesh to international markets. We specialize in connecting skilled IT professionals with exciting career prospects abroad. Here’s how GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD can help you

Civil Engineer

Unlock your potential as a civil engineer with GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD a leading recruitment agency specializing in connecting professionals with lucrative opportunities in the field. With our vast network and industry expertise, we can help you secure rewarding positions in


Architects are the visionaries who create the buildings and spaces that shape our world. They use their creativity, technical skills, and understanding of human needs to design structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Electronic & Communication

Have you been seeking an engineering job lately? Whether a citizen or not, UAE and the rest of the Gulf Peninsula is looking for qualified engineers and technicians who can work in this region. The Arab country is facing a scarcity of adequately skilled .

Mechanical & Industrial

Are you a Mechanical or Industrial professional with a desire to explore international career opportunities? GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD is here to help you take your Mechanical and Industrial expertise to the global stage.


GREENICON OVERSEAS LTD is your gateway to international career opportunities as a skilled Foreman. We connect Foremen with rewarding positions in various industries worldwide. Our extensive network of reputable employers

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